Join Anthony Rose and his

lovely team  at Gordy Smiles

for some food, drinks and good loving.


Call us: 647-350-4400

Email us:


Gordy Smiles will be closed monday feb 17 for family day

Monday  - 5 to 11

Tuesday -  5   to 11

Wednesday - 5    to 11

Thursday  - 12    to 11

Friday - 12   to 2

Saturday - 11   to 3 (brunch) 5 to 2

Sunday - 11    to 3 (brunch) 5 to 11


224 Ossington Ave



Gordy does  Tacos

Thursday & Friday

12pm to  dinner

$4.49 each

Cut  to order


Chipotle Roast Chicken

Chopped  Beef Briskit

Visit our world class  Salsa Bar

Onions and Cilantro

Salsa Verde

Salsa Rojo

Taqueria Guacamole

Pickled    things

Brunch Food

weekends 10    to 3

Breakfast Burrito $16

Scrambled Eggs and Onions, Potatoes and Beans, Charred   Poblano,    Pico de Gallo, Avocado,  Cheese and Crema

Chiliquiles rojo $16

Fried Egg and Tortilla Scramble with Tomato Salsa, Refried Beans  and Crema 

Breakfast Nacho Extra Vaganza $16

2 Fried Eggs, refried beans, onion, cilantro, pickled things, poblano, charred tomato,

onion, sour cream, chile con queso

Carnitas and Poblano  Hash $16

2 Over Easy Eggs, Roast Potatoes,   Poblanos    and Onions with Carnitas, Salsa   Verde , Cilantro   and    Crema

Breakfast Gringas w Roast Chicken   $18

Griddled Flour Tortillas with Oaxaca Cheese, Charred Onions & Tomatoes, Beans, Squash and Fried Eggs 

Huevos Rajas   $16

Eggs Baked with Poblano Peppers & Charred Onions in cream, Corn chips, Salsa Verde and Avocado

Quesadilla dulce   $18

Banana & Strawberry, Nutella, Canela   and Sugar, Whipped Cream

For the table 

Papas e Poblanos   $8

2 Fresh baked corn muffins with whipped   Canela   Butter   $8

Plato de fruitas   $8

Night Food 

nights 5 to close

Smiles Caesar Salad Slaw     $15

It’s from Tijuana!


MatanE shrimp Aguachile verde $16

cucumber, avocado, onion, peanuts, sesame, chips


 Gordy Nachos Extra Vaganza   $16

refried beans, onion, cilantro, pickled things, poblano, charred tomato,

onion, sour cream, chile con queso    add some meat +7


 Chorizo Rojo Fundido   $16

melted cheese w spicy chorizo, poblano peppers, charred onion, flour tortillas


 Gringas of vegetables    $17

big ass quesadilla, poblano pepper, squash, mushroom, charred onion, cheese


 Carnitas Quesadilla   $18

confit (kind of) pork shoulder, flour tortilla, refried beans, cheese


 Chicken Mole Flautas  $21

sesame, mole, cilantro, onion, pickled things, lime, flour tortillas 


Chivichanga    $21

flour tortilla burrito, guisado of Briskit, salsa verde, salsa rojo, scallion


Gordy does tacos  $4.49 each


chipolte roast chicken

chopped beef briskit

all our tortillas are local & organic

Alba Lisa - Flour Tortillas

Maizal - Corn Tortillas

Dessert    $9

      Tres Leches Coconut Cake

Spice Chocolate Cake



      Jamaica - Hibiscus  $6

      Pineapple & lime $6



      Margarita $12

      Tequila Sunrise $12 

      Jamaica Mezcal Punch $14

      Michelada $9

                                        - add clamato +$2


Purple Sparkles Jamaica Mimosa $14

Frozen Tequila Sunrise $14

Frose pink wine slushie $13

Paloma $14

TEQUILA $9 / $13 / $18 

(cheap / less cheap / not cheap)

MEZCAL $11 / $15 / $19 

(cheap / less cheap / not cheap)

WHISKY $8 / $10 / $14 

(cheap / less cheap / not cheap)


      Broadhead Blueprint Blonde $9

Broadhead Tight Squeeze IPA $9

Beaus’ Lug Tread $9

Beaus Full Time IPA $11

Henderson’s Food Truck $9

Henderson's Dulce Ciencia $9


      WHITE: Pasquius $11 gls / $50 blt

RED: Dame des Eaux $11 gls / $50 blt

SPARKLES: Pares Balta $13 gls / $55 blt

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